Campamentos de ingles y equitacion la espina
rutas a caballo
campamentos de ingles
San Martin de Villafufre - Cantabria
Centro de turismo ecuestre la Espina


Summer camps in which horse riding and english are practised in a natural privileged environment, simultaneously that to realize multiple activities as walks astride, ...

The pupils will listen English constantly, learning new vocabulary and acquiring confidence in the English across its daily use, games and activities, reinforced with theoretical classes. All this given by a native teacher.

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The Centre of Equestrian Tourism "La Espina" possesses a wide experience in the world of the horses. Taking advantage of the privileged natural environment of Cantabria we organize routes astride adapted to any person, already be beginners or initiated in the equine world.

The centre has a yard of grass where to receive classes of initiation, or from where to part to enjoy excursions of different duration accompanied by a guide.

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Centre of Equestrian Tourism "La Espina", routes on horses - english riding camps - riding off road. Cantabria

Centre of Equestrian Tourisme "La Espina". Finca la Espina - San Martín de Villafufre - Cantabria, telf: 617 671 409

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